Introduction of a lounge room

Speaking of a guest house…
it has a lounge room where everyone can use and relax!
Group travelers, single travelers…everybody gathers there and share their experiences. Of course, you can use free Wi-Fi and work on a computer.

《2F a lounge room》
We have sofas and tables which many people can relax at, listening to background music.

You can also enjoy billiards and darts! Lst’s get excited! Staffs might join you guys sometiomes…
You can use there to have meal, read books and work too.
Please help yourself!

《Billiards and Darts》
Everyone staying here can use them.

《Small Theater》
Enjoy movies on a sofa.

《Japanese Style Room》
We have a Japanese style room next to a lounge room.
There are guide books, Manga comics in Korean and English as well as Japanese!

We are looking forward to your visit 🙂

Merry Gate Osaka