Can’t wait Spring! Our recommendations of Sakura spots!

Hi there!
It’s been one and a half months since we opened,
and many people have been staying with us.
Thank you so much for that!

It’s getting colder and colder here in Japan. We can’t wait
for spring to come around…
So, we want to share some

Sakura spots near MerryGate Osaka!
We are located in Kamishinjo, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka.

It looks like we don’t have Sakura spots so much around Kamishinjo, but actually there are some “well kept secret places.”

Check them out!!

【Zuikoji Temple】

Zuikoji Temple is located in Zuiko-ji park and 15mins
walk away from us.Besides sakura, you can’t miss the bridge made of bones of a whale!


【Kanzaki River】
If you feel like going for a little nice walk, Kabzaki River is good for it!
You can enjoy walking along beautiful sakura trees.
There are festivals and events in April too.
Kanzaki river is 20mins walk away from us.


【Omiya Shrine】

We highly recommend this place, Omiya Shrine,
which has the biggest sakura tree in Kamishinjo.
The sakura tree is 100 years old!

You can enjoy a picnic under sakura trees and also
yozakura, sakura at night. If you want to have a relaxing
time with sakura, you must go there!


【Nakanoshima Park】

Nakanoshima Park is popular and crowded because of
its food stands!The park has beautiful sakura arcades too!

It takes about 10mins to go to Nakanoshima park by bike.
You can rent a bike that we offer.

And it is located along a river so a breeze from the river would make you feel great. A lot of people also enjoy walking in the park.


【Kunijima Water Treatment Plant】

There are 160 sakura trees including over 50 year-old- Yoshino cherry trees. These sakura trees make 800 meter “sakura tunnel”!!

At night, lamps are put on around sakura trees and so beautiful. Kunijima water treatment plant is just 2 stops away from Kamishinjo Station, the nearest station of MerryGate Osaka. Let’s go and take a look at sakura tunnel!

You will find different ways of enjoying sakura in Japan.
We hope that you will have a good time experiencing this Japanese culture.

We want you guys to have convenient access to these places and enjoy yourselves, so we offer rental bikes (\500 per day). Anytime when you need a bike, feel free to ask us for it!

Also, you can enjoy sakura at Expo 70’s Commemorative Park. It takes about 20 mins to get there by train. We also have a good access to Kyoto which has lots of famous sakura spots. It takes about an hour to go to Kyoto by train.

Thank you for having time to read.

We are looking forward to having you guys!

Merry Gate Osaka